Child's Place



Each child passes through different stages as he or she gains social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills.  Teachers use developmentally appropriate practices in their program, environment, activities, routines, and how they interact with the children. The teachers fill out a daily report for each child so that parents can be kept up to date.  The daily report contains such information as: activities each child participate in, notes on outside play, how much they ate, as well as comments on  how they were feeling  throughout the day.

The Sweet Peas

3 months -24 months
Ratio: 4 - 1
Max: 8​

The Peanuts

24 months -36months
Ratio: 5 -1
Max: 10​

The Caterpillars

3 – 4 years
Ratio:  7 – 1
Max:  17

The Butterflies

4 – 5 years
Ratio:  8 – 1
Max:  21

The curriculum included at all age levels:

Social/Emotional Development
Language Development
Phonological Awareness through:Rhyming, Songs, Finger plays, Alliteration
Color and Shaper Recognition
Number and Letter Recognition
Counting and One to One Correspondence
Sequencing, Predicting, and Graphing
Problem Solving
Character Building
Small and Large Muscle Development​

The children learn about the world around us through:

Sensory Play
Scientific experiments/ Living Things
Dramatic Play
Puppet Play
Art Expression

We encourage their emerging Literacy skills through:

Flannel Board Stories
Puppet Play
Finger plays
Writing Stories

Muscle development occurs through manipulation of:

Paint Brushes
Sewing Cards

Food Program:

Our food menu at Heather's is developed and approved by a nutritionist.  Parents are able to view the menu each day on our parent bulletin board and copies of our weekly menu is available at the parent computer sign in station.


We at Heather's feel that all our children should have the opportunity to participate in our special programs and feel strongly that no child should be excluded due to the parent's financial means.  Special programs include Nature Wagon, Macaroni the Clown, Fire Department, Dentist, Nurse, and more.

Farm Tractor rides with a stop to have children pick their own pumpkins; The day of graduation there is a celebration all day with a baracue picknic and cook out with parents, children, and teachers; also entertainment with Macaroni the Cook. That evening a full graduation program!

Also our ACES program (All children Exercising Simultanteously) at 10:00a.m on the 1st Wednesday in May all our children exercise for about 20 minutes. Much joy and happiness is seen that day with our children having fun and at the same time learning the value of exercise.