Professionals Dedicated to Providing Childcare Services


Kristin & Mark Novembrino

Kristin Novembrino’s love of children led her to initially become the Director, then ultimately assume ownership of Heather’s Child’s Place.  In September of 2016, Kristin became Director of the program, while her two young children attended the school.  Kristin is a Valley Central graduate and earned her Master’s in Special Education.  While attending college, Kristin worked in the classrooms at Heather’s Child’s Place during school breaks.  Kristin has taught Kindergarten and Special Education in NYC, and has also taught 5th grade at Valley Central.  She continues to teach Special Instruction to Preschool aged children throughout Orange County.

Mark Novembrino is a retired Law Enforcement Officer.  He brings his years of experience to help maintain the safety of all of the children here at Heather’s.  Since becoming owner, Mark has assisted in updating the security of the property on many levels.  "Mr. Mark" can also be seen assisting with general maintenance on his days off.

A plaque that was dedicated to the couple in June of 2018.  It currently hangs in the entranceway of the facility.
A plaque that was dedicated to the couple in June of 2018. It currently hangs in the entranceway of the facility.

Heather and Joseph Conley opened Heather’s Child’s Place in September of 1981.  For more than 40 years, Heather's has been a dependable, affordable daycare and learning center for the families in our community.  Upon Heather and Joe’s retirement in October of 2018, Kristin and Mark Novembrino took over the day to day operation.  Their mission is to uphold the great reputation that Heather’s has been built upon, and to continue to provide a vital service to Montgomery as well as the surrounding areas, continuing to strive for excellence in early childhood development.

Heather’s Child’s Place is conveniently located directly off of Interstate 84 (Exit 28).  We are centrally located to Montgomery, Maybrook, Walden, Wallkill, Coldenham, and more.  We have many children currently enrolled, from the surrounding communities.


Jillian Quill

–  "Hi, I'm Ms. Jill! I have loved children from the time I was a child myself. I dreamed of being a mommy and a teacher. I have four children, ages six through seventeen. I am a graduate of Pine Bush High School and I have my Master's in Early Education, with a certification in Birth-6th grade. During college, I worked at the campus daycare center, in the infant room. I have also taught 2nd grade, 4th grade, and most recently UPK in the Valley Central School District. In between positions, I was fortunate to be able to stay at home with my children, and I cherished every moment home with them. I understand the importance of leaving your child in a safe and caring environment, and I thank you for trusting us with your children."


Debbie Sorice

–  "I’m Ms. Debbie, and I have been at Heather’s for 28 years and counting!  I started out as the head teacher in The Peanut room, and worked my way up to assistant director.  I have three children and eight grandchildren.  I have seen many children grow up over the years, many of which now bring their own children to the center.  I love that I get to work with my daughters every day!"

Melissa DiMartino

–  "Hi, I’m Ms. Melissa!  After being a stay at home mom for 12 years to my four kids, I substituted at Heather's one day, and never left!  I started as an assistant teacher and now I work every afternoon in the office as an administrator.  Even though I am in the office, I still get to see all of the kids every day.  I love all of the baby snuggles and hugs!  I'm lucky that I get to work with my mom (Ms. Debbie) and my sister (Ms. Kristin).  We make a great team!"




We do not follow the school district calendar, so we are open during most school breaks.  We rarely close for inclement weather and only close for nine (9) holidays throughout the year.

Facility & Grounds

Our building, although historic, is well maintained and is subject to annual inspections from entities such as the Fire Department, the Department of Health, and the Office of Children and Family Services.  It should be noted that our facility is also centrally air-conditioned, for both the comfort and well-being of our children and staff.

We believe that outdoor play is so important for our children.  We have a large, fenced-in, and newly renovated playground for all age groups.  The outdoor space includes commercial swing sets, as well as a large commercial play structure, to ensure that all of our children have the space to engage and build on their active and imaginative play.

Safety & Security

Safety and Security is extremely important to us here at Heather’s.  We have a camera system which records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This system allows us to view all of the exits, both of our playgrounds, all 4 classrooms, and the parking lot.  We have an open-door policy for all of our parents.  In addition to our camera system, we have installed a secure entry door system.  Each person must be buzzed into the building by a member of our staff, as the building remains locked throughout the day.  Our building is set back off of the main road and does not have large windows which would allow direct viewing into the classrooms.  We feel that this lends itself to a more private and secure environment.

Fire Drills are performed twice monthly, and Shelter in Place drills are performed twice yearly, to ensure that our teachers and children understand the protocol in case of an emergency.

All staff undergo extensive background checks and are mandated to take required training throughout the year.

Why Choose Us ?

Our teachers show compassion, caring, and treat the children under their care as if they were their own.

Our staff is trained and are continually learning the NYS standards.  We continually check the OCFS website and make sure that we are up to date with the new regulations that are posted.  Our teachers are also trained on how to get to know each individual child.  They then use this knowledge to help encourage growth and learning every day.

We are always open to constructive criticism.  We seek to hear suggestions from our parents, on how we can better meet your child’s individual needs.

We promise to keep our childcare center at the highest level.  We are here to protect, educate, and inspire your child each and every day with new and exciting activities.