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Communication with parents is key to a child's success.  Upon pickup, parents/guardians receive a daily note with recorded information on how their child’s day went.  These dailies provide an in depth look at their child’s activities.  Some examples from our dailies are: how long the child slept, how many times they used the potty, how many ounces the baby drank, whether the toddler participated in the day's activities.  When supplies such as diapers are running low, the parents will be made aware via these reports as well.

REMIND APP:  We sign all our parents up for the Remind App so that we can quickly make an announcement to all of our parents at once.  We use Remind to make notifications of special days, parties, and closings due to inclement weather.

FRIDAY EMAIL:  We send a weekly email which contains important dates and upcoming events.  Each teacher provides a paragraph summarizing the week's activities and projects.  Pictures of the children are also always included.

Our 3 and 4-year-old teachers conduct parent/teacher conferences twice a year to go over children's progress.


**Below are the necessary forms to begin registration for your child at Heather’s Child’s Place.**


If you have any questions concerning any of these documents,

please feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

Please print, fill out, and sign the completed form.

The following New York State Office of Children and Family Services form will need to be completed by a licensed Physician, Medical Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner.