A Comprehensive Range of Educational Services for Children


Our Services

Each child passes through different stages as he or she gains social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills.  Teachers use developmentally appropriate practices in their program, environment, activities, routines, and how they interact with the children.  The teachers fill out a daily report for each child so that parents can be kept up to date.  The daily reports contain such information as: activities that each child participated in, notes on outside play, dietary consumption, as well as comments on how they were feeling throughout the day.


**Below is a breakdown of the four stages/rooms that your child will pass through during their time here at Heather's.**

The Sweet Peas   3 Months - 18 Months  (Ratio - 4:1)

Our infant classroom provides a safe, nurturing environment, and focuses on building each child’s cognitive, physical, and emotional well-being.  We adapt to each child’s individual schedule and assure a nurturing environment to help aid in the development and growth of each child.

Our infant classroom is always over staffed, as we understand that each baby needs special individualized attention every day.  We support both breastfeeding and bottle-feeding methods, and will follow each child’s feeding schedule as it is done at home.

We provide music, stories, sensory activities, tummy time, and outdoor play when weather permits.  We ask that you please take off your shoes when entering this classroom as we like to keep a clean floor for our crawlers.

The Peanuts   18 Months - 2.9 Years  (Ratio - 5:1)

Our toddler program provides a safe, welcoming environment to focus on building our movement, language, social/emotional, fine and gross motor skills.  Our children build on their skills through circle time, play based center times, and outdoor play.  Toddlers in our program will build on:

  • Vocabulary
  • Identifying colors/basic shapes
  • Following Simple Step Directions
  • Ability to participate in small groups with other children
  • Will share toys with friends
  • Engage in simple Pretend Play with peers
  • Throwing and Catching a ball
  • Running/Walking with coordination
  • Walking Up/Down Stairs
  • Independence

Our Peanut Teachers follow a daily schedule to maintain consistency in the classroom.  They submit a weekly plan-book with the weekly theme and age appropriate activities for each day.  In this classroom, we start potty training when parents and kids are ready, we transition off of bottles, pacifiers, and eventually sippy cups. We grow a lot in the Peanut Room!

The Caterpillars   2.9 Years - 3.9 Years  (Ratio - 7:1)

Preschool!  Our Caterpillar classroom continues to build on all of our skills we have learned in our Peanut room, while introducing basic math concepts, science experiments, and literacy skills.  We promote individuality and encourage children to learn through play and hands on activities.  We integrate sensory play into each of our center time activities.  During outdoor play times, our Caterpillars are encouraged to build on their coordination and climbing skills.

The Butterflies   3.9 Years - 5 Years  (Ratio - 8:1)

Our Butterfly classroom is a Pre-K Program, preparing the children for Kindergarten.  Our teachers are provided Kindergarten readiness expectations along with the NYS standards to ensure progress.  They complete quarterly progress reports to document each child’s progression throughout the year.

Our Butterfly teacher holds parent/teacher conferences to communicate each child’s progress, and is dedicated to working together as a team to help each child succeed.  Not only will our Butterfly class learn their academic skills, they will build on their social, emotional, and life skills as well.  At the end of our preschool program, the Butterflies have a formal graduation to celebrate all of their hard work.  Our Butterflies are Ready For Kindergarten when they leave our school!

Summer Camp   3 Months - 5 Years

Our Summer Camp provides eight (8) themed weeks of fun.  During camp, our children get to experience daily songs, art, and water play.  They are provided with planned games, activities, projects, and snacks that focus on our theme for the week.  We bring in a variety of different experiences throughout our eight week camp to keep the campers engaged and excited.

**Dates of the program may vary according to the year, but camp usually begins in the first week of July and ends in the final week of August. Check with our staff for this summer's scheduled dates.**


Food & Beverage Program

Our children are provided with (2) nutritional snacks daily, along with bottled water and milk at every meal.  Our program also currently provides a complementary pizza lunch, once a week, on a rotating schedule.

We here at Heather's also take the health and well being of our children very seriously.  We are aware that there are children that have food allergies, and we take every precaution possible to ensure that our teachers are aware of every child's specific nutritional need.